We Participated in the Construction of Sri Lanka M Dam Project Which Was Completed Successfully.


On January 8th, 2018, local time,the completion ceremony of Moragahakanda dam was grandly held. It is the first reservoir project in Sri Lanka of which we participated in the construction. Sri Lankan President Maithripala Sirisena, Prime minister Lanil Wickremesinghe and Counselor of the Chinese embassy in Sri Lanka Pang Chunxue attended the handover ceremony of completion project.The President and the prime minister pressed the power button. Then the power station started up automatically, generated electricity and smoothly integrated into the power grid operation.

Moragahakanda reservoir project is located in the important channels of Amban Ganga river which is a main hub dam for many watercourses. There are higher requirments for the highest water level in reservoir, usable capacity, power plant capacity.It is a multi-funtional comprehensive hub project which concentrates irrigation, water supply and power generation. It helps to improve agricultural productivity, to provide safe domestic and industrial water, to improve the lives of local residents in severely arid areas, and to expand irrigation systems in the main northern provinces. Therefore, it draws the Sri Lanka government great attention to this project which has been supervised by the president.

The Moragahakanda reservoir hub project was undertaken by Power China. As the main partner of Power China, our company provides the complete edc-8000 computer integrated automatic monitoring system for the hydropower station of the project.The system is independently developed by us and has been granted a number of national patents, realizing the comprehensive automatic control and operation monitoring of field equipment, ensuring the automatic power generation operation of multiple generating units of the Moragahakanda reservoir project.

The company participated in the construction of the overseas large-scale multi-function reservoir project, and provided equipment and technical support for the foreign government livelihood project, which not only demonstrated our advanced technical capacity, but also exported the business card "created by China" to other countries, laying a solid foundation for the further development of our overseas market.