Congradulations!Successful operation of BAYU hydropower



Another hydropower plant in Indonesia has came to a critical moment, after successful commercial operation of Myson and Nam Khoa hydropower plant in Vietnam. Recently, Bayu hydropower plant in Indonesia has completed 72-hour commission and received Acceptance Certificate. It starts to be in officially commercial operation.

In 72-hour commission test, the electro-mechanical equipment for this hydropower operated in a stable and reliable condition, showing that our advanced technology and high-quality equipment. Additionally, the successful operation is closely linked with our strong speciality and professional ethics.

Bayu hydropower plant is located in Banyuwangi, a major port in East Java. The total installed capacity is 2x1.8MW, and its designed annual energy is about 15 million kWh. The foundation of this hydropower plant provides electricity to the citizens nearby and greatly solves the local problem of power shortage.