Products Passing FAT by the Employer of Pakistan


From April 11 to 12, 2019, the monitoring, protection and DC system equipment designed and manufactured by our company passed the joint acceptance from the employer and supervisor of KOTO Hydropower Station in Pakistan,which focused on LCU cubicles, protection cubicles and 1200AH medium-sized DC system.

The acceptance team listened to the basic situation of the company's product self-inspection and debugging, reviewed the inspection data of every manufacturing process, the certificate of the qualified parts purchased and the proofreading certificate of the test instrument, and carried out the action test of the protection device.

After two days of inspection, the acceptance team was highly satisfied with the company's products and fully affirmed the cooperation between the two sides. According to the wishes of the acceptance team, the company will add some localized labels on the cubicles to facilitate the operation of local power plant managers.

Koto Hydropower Station is located in the province of Khyber-Pukhtukhwa, Pakistan, adjacent to the Pankora River, with a total installed capacity of 40.8MW for three generators. The main connection form of the power station is generator-transformer group connection. The engine terminal voltage is 11KV. After boosting, it is merged into the local power grid through a 132KV overhead line.