The 72-hour trial operation of the My Son Hydropower Plant in Vietnam has been a complete success



On June 8, 2023, My Son Hydropower plant in Vietnam was connected to the grid, and the 72-hour trial operation was a complete success, and the project was officially put into commercial operation!

My Son Hydropower Plant is located in Phan Rang- Thap Cham City, Ninh Thuan Province, Vietnam. The installed capacity of the plant is 2x10MW, and kaplan turbine unit is used. It is connected to the Electricity of Vietnam through two 115kV transmission lines.

The project was signed in October 2019. As the EPC contractor of the mechanical and electrical equipment of the project, our company strictly controls all aspects of construction design, equipment manufacturing, goods delivery, site installation and construction, ensuring safe, orderly and close connection of all aspects, and successfully realizes the project's on-time grid power generation according to the original plan, greatly alleviating the situation of local power supply shortage. It has won the high praise of the project owner and the participating parties.


The implementation of this project shows the excellent technical strength, high  product quality and good organization and coordination ability of our company's overseas mechanical and electrical EPC projects, as well as the professional quality and dedication of our company. At the same time, it has accumulated valuable experience for the follow-up implementation of similar projects, and laid the foundation for further consolidating the market of Vietnam hydropower projects.