We once again signed the export PEC contract of the hydro-power project in Indonesia


The project is located in Banyuwangi, East Java, Indonesia. It is a horizontal Francis unit with an installed capacity of 2X1.5MW.

Good News!A new EPC contract for Muong Tung Hydropower Plant in Vietnam


On December 26th,2022, our company signed the EPC contract for hydropower station with MUONG TUNG POWER JOINT STOCK COMPANY in Vietnam . The total contract price is over 3 million USD,which is the third electro-mechanical EPC contract in 2022.

The 72-hour Trial Running of Nam Pac 2 Hydropower Plant in Vietnam Achieves Overwhelming Success


On December 4, 2021, Nam Pac 2 Hydropower plant in Vietnam was connected to the grid. The 72-hour trial running was a complete success, and the plant was officially put into commercial operation.

Successful 72-hour Trail Operation of Indonesia’s ANGGOCI Hydropower Plant Project


On September 6, 2021, Indonesia, the 72-hour trail operation of the ANGGOCI Hydropower plant was a complete success!

CQNEC was appointed as the Deputy Chairman of the Multi-energy Complementary Committee of INSHP


On September 3, 2021, the Multi-energy Complementary Committee of INSHP was established in Hangzhou, and our company was elected as the deputy chairman enterprise of this committee.
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