The 72-hour Trial Operation of Nam Khoa 3 Hydropower Plant in Vietnam Has Been a Complete Success


   On August 11, 2023, Nam khoa 3 hydropower plant in Vietnam was connected to the grid, and the 72-hour trial operation was a complete success, and the project was officially put into commercial operation!


     Nam khoa 3 Hydropower plant, located in Lao Cai Province, Vietnam, is an expansion power plant with an installed capacity of 1×12MW. It adopts a vertical pelton unit with shaft 4-nozzle and is connected to the Electricity of Vietnam through a 115kV transmission line.

   The project was signed in March 2022. As the EPC contractor of the mechanical and electrical equipment of the project, we are closely connected with all aspects from construction design, equipment manufacturing, goods delivery, to site installation and construction, and overcomes many difficulties to ensure the site installation schedule. The project was finally delivered on time, with excellent technical indicators and stable operation.









Our company coordinates the overall work of the power plant, dispatches professional engineers to the site for service, and actively cooperates with the owner to optimize the installation and commissioning plan of the power plant. We provide full support in technology, service and other aspects, timely solve the problems in the installation and commissioning process, which has been highly praised by all parties involved in the project and won the reputation of the owner. After the completion of the project, it will effectively improve the stability of the power grid in Lao Cai Province and surrounding areas and improve the power supply situation.